What is web Companion ? Should we remove it from PC ?

Web Companion is computer software, Made by a company named Lavasoft. If you ask Lavasoft that What is Web Companion, they say that this software protect’s your computer from browser hijacking and protect’s your computer from any malicious attempt.

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What is Web Companion
What is Web Companion

What is Web companion in real

As Per Althow¬†Lavasoft is a PUP (Potentially unwanted program) which get’s installed into your computer with the help of freeware’s and other PUP’s. Wikipedia¬†claim’s that Lavasoft is hiding some hard to uninstall program’s into their software’s and tricking the user’s to install them. some of Lavasoft’s program’s are changing user’s browser home-page without asking him at the first place. If you have Web Companion already installed in your computer you can read this article about How to remove Web companion.

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During the installation of Web-Companion, it creates a startup registration point in your Windows to automatically start Web-companion or it’s third party program’s whenever your computer starts. It also add’s some add-ons program’s into your browsers.

How to Stop Web Companion from getting installed into my computer

Even if Lavasoft claim’s that Web Companion is a security program, But Now when we know that it install’s some hard to uninstall program’s into your computer and also comes with unwanted programs, we know that what is Web Companion. If you want to stop Web Companion from getting installed into your computer you can follow some simple instruction’s below.

  • If you are trying to installing any free software into your computer, look carefully into the installation setup while setup, if you see there any check on i want to install web companion or something like that, uncheck it.
  • Install some reputed antiviruses on your computer such as Norton or avast antivirus. Webroot antivirus is also a good option for you.
  • Try to avoid installing free softwares and tools into your computer as much as possible.

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That’s all about web companion, Hope you are aware about what is web companion after reading this article. keep visiting.

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