What Is Reimage Repair ? Is it safe ?

Question: What is Reimage Repair ?

Answer: Reimage repair is a computer repair utility used to fix windows operating system from any damage caused by any tool or viruses without reinstalling windows.

What is reimage repair
What is reimage repair

I’m having almost 3 year’s of experience in technical support industry, We got many client’s in past few year’s asking me about What is Reimage repair ? is Reimage Repair tool safe ?. Well i don’t have a single answer for this question. Actually if you are buying Reimage repair from somewhere, then it’s completely safe to use. But if you got reimageĀ  installed in your computer without your permission or if you are getting reimage repair popups and notification in your browser, that means your computer is infacted with pup’s and adwares.

The original Reimage tool is used to fix your computer files if they are infected by any third party tool or virus. But if you are getting Reimage popups and notification inside your browser, it mean’s your computer is infacted with adware.

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What is Reimage repair adware ?

Reimage repair adware is completely different from the original Reimage repair tool. This is a adware which is using the name of Reimage repair tool to trick you to install some unwanted softwares into your computer. if you contently getting those popups and notification about Reimage repair inside your browser, i recommend you to scan your computer with Adw-Cleaner and Malwarebytes. You will get a great article on Althow about Reimage repair virus removal.

What is Reimage repair PUP ?

If you didn’t baught any tool such as Reimage repair, and it get’s installed into your computer without your permission, it means it’s not the original Reimage repair tool but a unwanted program using the nae of Reimage repair. you can remove that tool right now. and I recommend you to remove it.

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