Good morning for birthday girl

May God bless you with all of the wonderful desires of your heart and bless you to keep the many blessings that you already have. Happy Birthday, dear! Good morning for birthday girl, sweet good morning messages for birthday girl, good morning love quotes for birthday girl.

Good morning for birthday girl, sweet good morning messages for birthday girl, good morning love quotes for birthday girl
Good morning for birthday girl, sweet good morning messages for birthday girl, good morning love quotes for birthday girl

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Find out more beautiful wishes below on Good morning for birthday girl, sweet good morning messages for birthday girl, good morning love quotes for birthday girl.

Good morning for birthday girl

♥ Happy Birthday to the sweetest girlfriend ever! You deserve all the success, happiness and love in the world. Let’s celebrate this special day of your life together.

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♥ Do you believe in miracles? I sure do, Because I found you! Happy Birthday to the best girlfriend in the whole wide world!Good morning for birthday girl, sweet good morning messages for birthday girl, good morning love quotes for birthday girlGood morning for birthday girl, sweet good morning messages for birthday girl, good morning love quotes for birthday girl

 ♥ I’m celebrating this day together with you because on this day the love of my life, my soulmate, my best friend, was born into this world. Happy Birthday!

 ♥ Thank you for all the good moments that you brought into my life. Happy birthday, love and I wish you all the best. Love you! Good morning for birthday girl, sweet good morning messages for birthday girl, good morning love quotes for birthday girl

 ♥ I always long for your birthday as I long for my next meal…that’s because it’s a special day to me just as it is to you. Have a Merry Birthday, Dearest.

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 ♥ Because today’s your birthday, And because you’re extra nice, One wish is not enough for you And so here’s wishing twice! Hoping your Birthday’s wonderful In every single way, And next year brings happiness For my love everyday!Good morning for birthday girl, sweet good morning messages for birthday girl, good morning love quotes for birthday girl

 ♥ No birthday gift will be enough to make up for the the gift you gave me – the gift of your love. Happy Birthday to amazing little you!

 ♥ You are the angel in my life. On this day, god sent you on earth so we could be together. Happy Birthday to the brightest star in my life!Good morning for birthday girl, sweet good morning messages for birthday girl, good morning love quotes for birthday girl

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 ♥ I have met lots of special people in my life but you surpass them all: There’s no better day to let you know this than on a special day like this. Happy Birthday, My One and Only. 

 ♥ Your past is blessed, your present is guaranteed and your future is secured; this is my heart-felt prayer for you on your birthday. 

Download hike for PC Computer – Windows 10, 7 and 8 Computer

If you are a hike messanger user and want to download Hike for pc, then you are on the right place. Before letting you know more about using hike for pc, i want to let you know hat there is no hike exe file available to download for your windows 10 hike for windows 7 or 8.

However there is no official Hike application available for pc but you can still use your favorite hike app on pc and laptop. In this article we are going to provide you a complete tutorial about what is hike, How to download and use hike for pc.

What is hike

Hike is a Indian Android social messanger app, designed and developed by Bharti softbank company. Hike app was released in 2012 and hike is india’s first social tech company.Hike is used for messaging and Voice over IP service and it also provides snackable content on the go.

Currently hike supports many indian regonal languages and have some awesome features like, you can add 1000 people into your hike group, and you can also import all your whatsapp groups into hike and get reward for each person joining your hike group.

Apart from these features many hike lovers want to know “How to download hike for pc”, but still “hike for windows” is not available.

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How to Download and Install hike for pc laptop

As i already told you above that there is no official hike messenger app available for windows computers. but still you can use hike for windows computer.

Just follow our simple step by step guide below to install hike for pc and use it.


Step 1

First of all you need to download any android emulator for your windows computer. I would recommend you to download Bluestacks emulator, because this emulator is number 1 emulator in current market and available for free. you can download Bluestacks here.

Step 2

Now once you have downloaded Bluestacks, go to your download folder and install the bluestacks on your pc.

Step 3

Now download the official Hike apk from the official hike website here.

Step 4

Now double click on hike apk or open it with bluestacks, and it will start installing with bluestacks on your computer saying “Installing APK…”.

installing hike for pc

Step 5

Now once you have installed hike, go to bluestacks and click on hike icon to start using hike on your pc.


That’s it. Now you have sucessfully installed hike on windows and you can enjoy using it, thanks for reading my article about Download hike for PC Computer and how to use hike on pc. if you have any query or suggesion feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

What Is Reimage Repair ? Is it safe ?

Question: What is Reimage Repair ?

Answer: Reimage repair is a computer repair utility used to fix windows operating system from any damage caused by any tool or viruses without reinstalling windows.

What is reimage repair
What is reimage repair

I’m having almost 3 year’s of experience in technical support industry, We got many client’s in past few year’s asking me about What is Reimage repair ? is Reimage Repair tool safe ?. Well i don’t have a single answer for this question. Actually if you are buying Reimage repair from somewhere, then it’s completely safe to use. But if you got reimage  installed in your computer without your permission or if you are getting reimage repair popups and notification in your browser, that means your computer is infacted with pup’s and adwares.

The original Reimage tool is used to fix your computer files if they are infected by any third party tool or virus. But if you are getting Reimage popups and notification inside your browser, it mean’s your computer is infacted with adware.

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What is Reimage repair adware ?

Reimage repair adware is completely different from the original Reimage repair tool. This is a adware which is using the name of Reimage repair tool to trick you to install some unwanted softwares into your computer. if you contently getting those popups and notification about Reimage repair inside your browser, i recommend you to scan your computer with Adw-Cleaner and Malwarebytes. You will get a great article on Althow about Reimage repair virus removal.

What is Reimage repair PUP ?

If you didn’t baught any tool such as Reimage repair, and it get’s installed into your computer without your permission, it means it’s not the original Reimage repair tool but a unwanted program using the nae of Reimage repair. you can remove that tool right now. and I recommend you to remove it.

What is SlimCleaner plus ? Should i remove it ?

What is SlimCleaner plus : SlimCleaner Plus is a pup (Potentially unwanted program) that get’s installed into a user computer without his knowledge. Many user’s across the world are trying to get ride of this annoying tool. This malware is getting viral on the thousand’s of computers across the world thrugh the internet connection. There is a very good article on “Althow” about How to remove SlimCleaner plus. the official website of Slimcleaner claim’s that this is a system optimization tool, used to remove junk files and unwanted files from your computer. Some other site’s such as claim’s that software vulnerabilities in some Internet browsers such as Chrome and Internet explorer are believed to be exploited by this program to gain access on the user’s computer. As per them, Some malicious links from Social sites and some Spammy emails also result with slimcleaner plus installation on your computer.

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What is slimcleaner plus
What is slimcleaner plus

What is SlimCleaner plus tool used for ?

Malwarefixers also claim’s that, this unwanted program (PUP) whenever run’s on the system, it can perform some various action’s to control the victim’s computer. It’s not hard to uninstall this tool from your computer. some well reputed sites such as can help you with the removal process of SlimCleaner plus.

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Once if SlimCleaner plus is running  on your pc, it will start displaying some suspicious warnings and pupups on your computer and asking you to fix them with slimcleaner plus. These alert’s are being displayed to you just to force you to play the slimcleaner plus. Slimclenaer can also ask you for money by tricking you in some ways. e.g. it will ask you for a slimcleaner premium membership.

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However if you have slimCleaner plus installed in your computer, i suggest you to read the article about SlimCleaner plus removel, you can find the article link given above. and thanks for reading this article about What is SlimCleaner plus.

Best Facebook Autolikers 2018 for Status, Page & Images (100% working)

  • Do not ever try to use auto liker services from your original Facebook account.
  • Auto Likers will require a Access token from you. These Access Token’s works like a password, So using it with your original account may get your account banned or hacked.
  • Using Auto likers to get likes on your photos or status is against the facebook usage terms. So if you are using these services, facebook may apply restrictions into your facebook account.

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Best 100% working Facebook autolikers in 2018.

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Fb-Autolikers, is a Android app that can provide you upto 500 likes instently into your Facebook Page, post or status. As per my experience this is one of the most trusted autoliker’s available there in the market.

#2 Kp Liker App

Kp liker is ranked second in this list, because it’s also one of the most trusted autoliker app available out there. this liker app is also my favorite app because it do not require any verification process. But you need to be sure that you use this app in your public profile.

#3 Liker App

This app is ranked 3rd in the list because it can provide you upto 1000 likes in your facebook page or photo. But this app is not considered as trusted, so you are using this app on your own risk.

#4 King Liker App

King liker is ranked 4th in the list because, this app is one of the mostly recommended autoliker app available on the internet many big sites such as are recommending this android app in their own articles. i have not tested this app yet, but i’m sure that this android app will be the best choice for you.

#5 Social-Liker

Social liker can provide you upto 1000 likes in one go, but this app is new to the market, this app is not recommended by any other website or tusted site yet. but when we tested this app, it worked fine for us. you can also give social liker a try.


Now these are the most recommended Facebook autolikers avilable out there. If you are using other facebook autoliker apps for your android phone you can let us know. Thanks for reading my article about Best facebook autolikers.

What is Url:Mal should i remove it

What is url:mal :- Url:Mal is a specific Avast detection, indicating that the website you are trying to visit is not safe. Whenever you see a notification on avast with label URL:MAL it mean’s you are trying to visit a malicious website, or you are getting redirected to any malicious site. These malicious site’s contain’s hidden script’s, fishing pages, viruses and much more. Url:Mal notification also come’s when you have malware’s or adware’s running in your computer background. If you are getting Url:Mal notification in your computer, you can read this article about how to remove Url:Mal from your pc.

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What is url:mal
What is url mal

In some cases Url:Mal alreat’s apears again and again whenever you open your browser, Possibly because it’s trying to trigger any potentially unwanted program or adware. Avast antivirus is detecting the thread but not able to get ride of it. Awast does not has any in built feature against PUP’s (Potentially unwanted program’s). If you want to remove those unwanted program’s you can use some free tools such as Malwarebytes or Adwcleaner. you can keep Malwarebytes Anti-Malware in your computer along with avast to keep your computer safe from any malware.

However if you are trying to open any website and getting url:mal notification again and again, I suggest you not to visit that particular website. It is highly possible that this website contain’s any malicious script which awast antivirus is detecting and trying to notify you about it. If you just installed any add-on or extension in your browser, i suggest you to remove it right now. you can read my another article how to remove web companion which is a unwanted program as well.

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I hope that after reading this article you are well about what is url:mal now. if you want to remove this notification, you can read the article given in the link above.

What is web Companion ? Should we remove it from PC ?

Web Companion is computer software, Made by a company named Lavasoft. If you ask Lavasoft that What is Web Companion, they say that this software protect’s your computer from browser hijacking and protect’s your computer from any malicious attempt.

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What is Web Companion
What is Web Companion

What is Web companion in real

As Per Althow Lavasoft is a PUP (Potentially unwanted program) which get’s installed into your computer with the help of freeware’s and other PUP’s. Wikipedia claim’s that Lavasoft is hiding some hard to uninstall program’s into their software’s and tricking the user’s to install them. some of Lavasoft’s program’s are changing user’s browser home-page without asking him at the first place. If you have Web Companion already installed in your computer you can read this article about How to remove Web companion.

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During the installation of Web-Companion, it creates a startup registration point in your Windows to automatically start Web-companion or it’s third party program’s whenever your computer starts. It also add’s some add-ons program’s into your browsers.

How to Stop Web Companion from getting installed into my computer

Even if Lavasoft claim’s that Web Companion is a security program, But Now when we know that it install’s some hard to uninstall program’s into your computer and also comes with unwanted programs, we know that what is Web Companion. If you want to stop Web Companion from getting installed into your computer you can follow some simple instruction’s below.

  • If you are trying to installing any free software into your computer, look carefully into the installation setup while setup, if you see there any check on i want to install web companion or something like that, uncheck it.
  • Install some reputed antiviruses on your computer such as Norton or avast antivirus. Webroot antivirus is also a good option for you.
  • Try to avoid installing free softwares and tools into your computer as much as possible.

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That’s all about web companion, Hope you are aware about what is web companion after reading this article. keep visiting.